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January 2, 2010

Look what Topps sent me

I haven't checked my redemption list in awhile, so I pleasantly surprised when I saw there was a package from Tristar fulfillment in my mailbox this afternoon.

I know that really means Topps. I wasn't fooled.

I had put in for a Finest rookie card and I honestly didn't know which players went with what numbers. I just entered the code and hoped for the best.

I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled this out. Not a refractor, I had a base card. But I like it anyway.

The only thing that would have made this card better is if they Porcello throwing down Youklis in that fight during the summer.


  1. I think I'm due for a Tommy Hanson rookie soon.

  2. Very nice! Hold onto that one--Ricky is gonna be a star someday.