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January 24, 2010

Sunday Question

With 2010 Topps finding its way into Targets around the country, what do you think of the product?

Topps has an exclusive license with MLB, and the company could have gone different routes.

First, Topps could have completely dropped the ball and not put out a quality product because, technically, there is no competition.

OR ... Topps can better year to year and create product where people think "MLB did the right thing."

OR ... Topps didn't go either way. It (cliche alert) didn't step up their game, but they didn't completely bomb either on its flagship product.

What do you think?

By the way, if you haven't seen bdj610's Baseball Card Blog, go check it out. He's compiling a list of SP variations from 2010 Topps. At last check, there were 15 variations, which some have been submitted from others around the blogosphere.

Consider it Topps Stealth Variation Central.

So if you know of anymore, let him know.


  1. I haven't seen any of the cards in person (we don't have a nearby Target) but I like what has been posted on the web. I might even collect some of the insert sets this year, which is something I usually don't do.

  2. I'm not happy about the one license deal but that's another whole forum in itself! I did a post here: on my 3 packs of 2010 Topps.I like them except for two points.1)They borrowed too much from their old 2002 Post Cereal design and 2)with the foil,the player names are hard to read if the light isn't just right.I do like the inserts I got and others I've seen.

  3. I won't comment until I actually find some. Not sure what I think right now.

  4. I like it for what it is: a fairly inclusive flagship set that is affordable. I'm looking forward to the hobby release.

  5. I agree with Joe S., but like Night Owl I just haven't got my hands on any. $2 for a pack of 10+ cards is a great deal now, and the chances of getting players from your favorite teams are easier in Topps than in ANY other product, so you have to give them that. It's affordable, which is extremely important in today's market.

  6. From what I've seen so far, the 2010 Topps base set is a strong as their 2009 offering -- and that was my favorite set of last year.

    It's not perfect -- I think there are too many inserts and I don't like the foil names -- but so far, I'm not missing Upper Deck.

  7. I like the base set. It reminds me a little of last year's set, which put me off a little at first. The more I compare the two however, the more differences I see.

    I also like some of the inserts. Not all of them and I dislike the fact you get so many in a pack. I want base cards. BASE BASE BAAAAAAAAAAAASE!

    I think this will be the one set I focus on. Meaning not spending as much money on other packs.

  8. I have never been a big fan of Topps Series 1 other than it scratches the winter itch for a new product to rip. Every year I buy them and usually hate them, this year I'm indifferent towards the base set, but love the inserts.

    If I didn't end up with 5 different Pujols cards already I would probably be singing a different tune.

    I opened enough (more than enough) packs of this to make a judgement and for $1.99 a pack you definitely get your moneys worth, which to me is important today. You get roughly 9 base cards per retail pack and 3 inserts.

    I like the ratio of base to inserts just fine, but I could have done without ToppsTown toilet paper. I didn't redeem one code last year and have no intention of doing so this year.

    For those of you who haven't spotted packs yet, I think you will be pleasantly surprised once you rip into one.

  9. Well, there are no Targets in Germany, so no chance at retail for me.

    What I have seen on other blogs hasn't been bad.

    People who complain about the Topps staple need to get over themselves. The base Topps brand is the cheapest they make and aimed at the younger crowd, not at those who want to spend $10 a pack aiming for the big hit.

    The only thing that does rub me wrong are the unlisted SP's.

    Could really do without unannounced SP cards.

  10. I hate it. UGLY pretty much sums it up. No wait, garbage crap...

    Ok, out of my system.

    Topps did at least try something different (if you can call recycled Post different) they could have just mailed it in and it wouldn't have mattered because of the liscense. Instead the tried wierdly closely crops pics and gaudy colors to change things up from other Topps base releases. I have to at least tip my hat for trying something different, I just don't happen to like it. I'll still put together a team set but it will be through singes and trades.

    (I do like the 51 throwback cards)

  11. I bought 30 packs and got air. I think they re ok cards the design is ok and the inserts leave some to be desired, but im looking for a hit and its rlly tough to pull one here.

  12. I haven't seen the card in-person yet, but I think I'll be collecting just a hand-collated set from the auction site.

    the base cards look good and the reason I thought about buying a box (to try the million card promotion) appears to have been royally messed up from what the promotion should have been.

    I also don't like the manufactured logomans, but that is not a factor as to whether I'd be buying a box or not.