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January 3, 2010

Sunday Question

What is your New Year's resolution when it comes to collecting?

Last year, I made one. It was the buy less hobby boxes and more cards for my PC.

It lasted about two days. Then, I went several months without buying a box of wax. Lately, uh, yeah, I bought a ton of hobby boxes.

I'm not really sure what came over me. However, it wasn't for waste because I did pull a Derek Jeter auto of Sweet Spot.

So, this year's resolution when it comes to card collecting is buy less wax and focus more on my player PC. Oh wait, I tried that once.

OK. How about, love every card I buy and make sure I don't feel like I am wasting money.

I like that one.


  1. Finish a few of my sets and focus my collecting to fewer things in general. I have like 345447329587321 wants, and I think I'd be more efficient and get more cards I truly wanted if I cut down on that.

  2. Quit buying full-price unopened product, and try to avoid buying unopened product in general.

    I accumulated way too many cards that didn't mean anything to me last decade, and I'd like to stop feeling like I'm wasting money.

  3. 1. Do a better job of storing my cards.
    2. Make good progress a few of my vintage projects. I have several going right now (Giants team sets, 1976 sets, completion of some older Topps sets).

  4. "love every card I buy and make sure I don't feel like I am wasting money."

    My sentiments exactly Sooz. I am stepping up the pickiness when it comes to wax as well as singles.

  5. Great resolutions.

    I have already convinced myself to start doing this. With a little cash from Christmas I purchased a blaster of 09 Goodwin Champs and a $6 box of '08 UD 1st Edition. My greatest "hit" was a Kershaw Black framed mini, but I convinced myself to love the cards.

    My resolution is to appreciate relics less, and autographs and base cards more.

    Oh, and to score 07 Fleer Ultra Tulowitzki & Soria autos. Solid.

  6. I'm not buying any products that feature sticker autographs. Incidentally I might not have anything to buy.

  7. I want to make my blogs better,get want/have lists posted, get trade lists posted and concentrate on cards I need for my collection while still having fun with everyone!

  8. I posted an official 2010 card collecting goals list on my blog, but basically I want to really consolidate my collection this year and focus on a few specific things.

  9. I posted a big goal list on my blog, but probably the #1 thing I am going to focus on is to enjoy the hobby more.

    I have already started. I enjoy base cards in my collection more than I ever have and have even enjoyed cheap GU and autos.

  10. Buy mored singles, packs, and boxes. I spent less than $150 last year and I'm hoping to spend at least $400.

  11. Complete a true vintage set. 1961 Nu-Card Scoops here I come. For real this time.

  12. I'm going to continue what I started last year which is collecting more wisely. I don't buy too many boxes when they are new unless it is something hot like Topps Jumbos. You can save a ton of money buying wax once the prices drop especially if you aren't looking to flip the singles.

    I'm buying less and less on eBay and continuing to get more and more from other sites such as Sportlots and CheckOutMyCards. Every couple of months, I'll go through and place an order for a bunch of Piazza cards at .18¢ a pop and go from there. COMC seems to be a much better option for buying and selling 95% of the cards out there. Being able to ship everything together saves so much money even if you were to buy everything at the same price as eBay.

    The last one is to try and get more trades going. That's really the cheapest way to add more cards to the collection. I had some great trades last year and hope to build upon that this year.

  13. T find deals on boxes of cards that will give me the satisfaction of ripping open packs and finding cards that I can get signed TTM. I am already scooping up some boxes of football, hockey, baseball, and basketball cards for less than $15. I can't wait to rip open old wax packs and just revel in the pure joy of the hobby when it was at its purest. Plus, there is nothing like 10,000 year old gum!

  14. The only major collecting resolution is to complete more sets. I did a couple in 09 and enjoyed the process immensely. I always perceived it as expensive, but really, I end up buying less and trading more in the end, so I come out ahead as opposed to buying random boxes of everything.