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January 6, 2010

People DO read the blog

I got a very cool package a few days ago from the Aardvark Trading Co., (also known as Cards in the Attic).

This package was a great surprise. I didn't expect and it was a lot of fun when I opened it.

There weren't any Derek Jeter cards, but, trust me, I am OK with that.

I received two Jamie Hoffman signed cards. If you recall one of the posts I (Sooz) wrote about a month ago, I wrote how the Yankees picked up Hoffman in the Rule 5 draft. I picked up some of his cards a while back because I was trying to find the ultimate sleeper prospect.

I'm not very good at that, but these cards certainly came in handy.

Here are the cards I received from Cards in the Attic, which are now going into my crazy room (what the boyfriend calls the spare bedroom full of baseball cards).


  1. btw, it's "Hoffmann" with two "N's", not one N like trevor or glenn. ;)

  2. Liking the new look! I've been messing around with mine too. Time to shake things up a bit in the new year!

  3. Thanks Joe. We definitely appreciate. Every once in a while gotta make a change.

    Two packs - thanks for headsup. I honestly didn't even notice there were two n's