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January 20, 2010

First Look: 2010 Topps Series 1, Part II

OK, so I have had a little more time to open the rest and scan the "hits". Overall after opening 8 packs of these I am pretty pleased with what I got, and the product overall. In Series 1 and 2 Topps the base cards are less fun than the inserts so the fact that you do get a good amount of inserts in the packs is a good thing, at least to me. Here are packs 5-8.

Pack 5:

Mike Cameron
Franchise History White Sox
Drew Stubbs RC
Henry Rodriguez RC
Eric Young Jr. RC
Luis Aparicio

Cal Ripken Jr. History of the Game
Zack Greinke ToppsTown
Rod Barajas
Jason Kubel
Leo Nunez

Pack 6:

Coco Crisp
Matt Lindstrom
Jason Grilli
Tim Lincecum
Ian Desmond RC
Justin Upton
Manny Ramirez Peak Performance

Ty Cobb Target Red Back
Hanley Ramirez ToppsTown
Jonathan Broxton
Jermaine Dye
Ryan Franklin

Pack 7:

Ryan Theriot
Yovani Gallardo
Scott Kazmir
Chris Coughlan
Josh Thole RC
Austin Kearns Gold parallel
Kevin (douche) Youkilis - The Cards Your Mom Threw Away (smart lady) Though I hate him, the card even has the foil embossed gold stamp, it's just like the original stamp.
Ty Cobb - Tales of the Game

Adam Jones ToppsTown
Craig Counsell (snarl)
Rich Harden
Tim (everyone can hit my knuckleball a mile) Wakefield

Pack 8:

Franchise History Blue Jays
Rick Porcello
Garrett Mock
Chris Pettit RC
Curtis Granderson (only double I got)
Chicago Cubs
Boston Red Sux
Mel Ott Turkey Red

Mark Teixeira & Lou Gehrig - Legendary Lineage
Ryan Howard ToppsTown
Ty Wigginton
Orlando Hudson

This will probably be the end of my purchasing 2010 Topps Series 1 packs. I bought a couple of packs that felt lucky for the sake of reviewing and well, I like opening packs. I also went and scanned the wrapper at the request of a reader to show the odds of the inserts.

Peter a.k.a. Flash put up a blog with pack breaks as well now go check it out at Dropped Third Strike.


  1. I should note that the Cal Ripken, Jr. insert you pulled uses the exact same photo as his 1996 Topps base card.

    Not sure if that's intentional though.

  2. Let me know if you are interested in obtaining a loving home for the Austin Kearns card. I was thinking he would be left out this year but am glad to see that he did not. Send me a message on facebook.

    Reds Cards

  3. Joe, definitely willing to trade it. Perhaps you may have a Pujols for me ;)

  4. i can't wait to hit up target tomorrow morning! looks like topps is flooding the market with inserts this year.

    anyhoo, marie, i wouldn't mind taking those tigers of your hands. i'm hittin' a card show friday... need anything?

  5. In the first post what is with the ST Louis Cardinals Card? is that a team checklist - it doesn't say franchise history like the Oakland card.

  6. Drizz, I didn't a bunch of Yankees I would like, and apparently there are 2 other base cards with Albert on them that I will need. OOORRRR if you see a Topps Turkey Red in your travels.... ;)

    deal, The back of the card that is just a team name card is the Team Leaders type of card. It has some stat categories and a little paragraph.

  7. pulled some goodies for you today marie. sent you an email...

  8. I bought three packs today and I got a Ty Cobb red back, Ichiro gold and a Joe Morgan SP.