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August 6, 2018

The 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention

Welcome old friends.  I thought i would honor the poll I ran on Twitter asking how you guys wanted to see my haul revealed.  The people have spoken.

I had a ridiculous run of fun things happen at the National aside from buying cards and getting cards from fellow collectors and bloggers.  I will start with that since it's about doing cool things with the hobby aside from spending a paycheck.

Sometimes you meet the right people out at a bar on a Thursday night and end up getting snuck into the autograph pavilion to meet one of your all-time favorites.

Other times you pay $70 to meet your idol who turns out to be all you could have hoped for in a short conversation of which I told him he was always my favorite player as a kid even though all my friends gave me hell for liking a Red Sox guy.  Also told him that was one of my favorite trades as a kid and still is to this day.

I saw a new stadium, Progressive Field and love that so much.  We sat in row two behind the dugout, so close to Albert and the Angels.  Best seats I have had to a baseball game in years.  Twas awesome.

Crossed many things off the Bucket List, including on non-hobby related item, The Christmas Story House and museum.  Well worth $11.  Thanks to Suzy for coming along and being my photographer.

Now my time at the National was spent walking around, chatting with old friends, meeting some new ones and of course searching for things to add to my 401K, I mean PC.  Not pictured are 164 Wade Boggs cards I picked up from a dude selling them at 100 for $10, same dude also had Jeter cards 15 for $10 of which I bought 30 including 6 of the same card. We will go in no particular order, I am not going through and labeling everything because we all know what is what.

The next four are all Jumbo cards.

In terms of city, Cleveland is not my favorite host.  IX Center is in the middle of no where, only food choices while at the show are in the convention center, and the food is TERRIBLE.  You can either Uber to other places or take shuttle back to hotel unless you rent a car.  I'm excited to go back to Chicago next year.  Gibsons, pizza, and ability to leave the convention center and walk to hotel, shopping and food/bars.

Overall, this is one of my favorite trips and how could it not be?

Any cool stories from your trip this year?  Let us know.  Any cool cards?  Also interested.


  1. Here is a suggestion for the next time the National is in Cleveland in terms of getting around our city. Use the RTA (Rapid Transit Authority) for the buses and train routes. At this time, you can buy an all day pass for $5 and it is good for 24 hours. You can hop on off the buses and trains all you want.

    1. Boy, I wish I had known that before! I'll do that next time it's in town.

  2. I don't think I had any idea you were a Wade Boggs fan!

    Sounds like you had the best time. I will get to one of these someday.

    1. He was always my idol growing up because I played third base from day one through high school. Him and George Brett. Pretty random considering back then there were very few times I got to watch them but they played the Yankees often enough to learn to love them. Boggs trade had me in heaven.

  3. First off thanks for sharing and I have to say it's been far too long since you've blogged here. Second I'm super jealous. I've been in a cardboard slump the past year, but I've always wanted to attend a National. I keep saying next time it's in Chicago. I've got family there so it would be easy to convince the wife. Of course it's right in the middle of summer which is hard for me to get away and then there is the fact I have to convince my wife I need to spend money on more cards. :)
    Great pick ups. I've been following a lot of the action on Twitter and it seems most had a great time. I love all the cheap wax people were picking up.
    You didn't pick up any hockey?

    1. To be honest, I've purchased all of 3 rack packs since the last national. My interest in cardboard has also taken a hit in recent years, but I have lots of things I like buying and I can only afford one money sucking interest at a time lol. Lately it's been car products for maintenance and I think if you guys saw how neurotic I am about my car youd really think I'm bananas. Maybe I'll do a post on that.

      Hockey cards were like unicorns. I saw a couple here and there but they were mostly ancient or traded players. I saw some Henrik cards but no McDonagh. I did buy two boxes of junk wax I haven't opened yet so maybe another post if I can motivate myself.

      Come out next year and hang out!

  4. Congratulations on meeting Boggs. I can only imagine how cool that must have been. It would be if I had the opportunity to meet Rickey Henderson. Anyways... that's a pretty impressive haul. Even though I'm the furthest thing from being a Yankees fan, I've always enjoyed those Upper Deck Pride of New York signatures.

    Hope to one day attend the NSCC... but it's unlikely unless it comes out to the West Coast. That's okay though... because I enjoy watching all of the YouTube videos and blog posts.

  5. Suze , Sorry I missed you at the show . I was set up with Carlo in booth 2033 . Great experience as I had my ten year old son with me for his first time . We got to see Ohtani's 2 home run game , although our seats were much farther away then yours . I found some Jeter cards myself diving into boxes and got back some pretty nice PSA 10's grading at the show . I definitely agree that Chicago is a better venue . I can almost taste the warm bread and a perfect steak from Gibsons right now . Hope to see you there ! Later , John

  6. Marie , I apologize . I saw all the Jeter cards and assumed Suze was there with Topps . Sorry you didn't find much hockey . 90's inserts were tough for me to find also . Maybe next year a big collection will show up for both of us . Start saving those Benjamins ! John

  7. Hey John, I was there too and we saw Carlo, but was so busy I didn't have a chance to walk the floor. I think walked about two aisles on Sunday morning and then had to head back to the Topps booth.