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May 17, 2010

Catching up on hobby news

With Marie and I going on our adventures last week, I didn't get a chance to write up the latest hobby news, which by this point is old news to many of you.

I like putting it on the blog anyway because it's a way for me to keep record of what's happening and I could refer to it at a later date.

Item #1 (from Beckett)
Panini and the NFL and NFLPA have agreed to a multi-year trading cards deal

With the announcement (that many knew was coming), Panini released 2010 Prestige, which includes Tim Tebow's first rookie cards and autos. Love the player or hate the player, his auto from this set have sold for around $150 with the short-printed variation going in the $25-$40 range.

Items #2 (from Beckett)
Topps released preview images of 2010 Triple threads

I intend to have a whole post dedicated to Topps Triple Threads, but just wanted to show a few of the preview images released of the set. I like the first card, but the player should certainly have his name on it. I'm not sold on the second card, but it would be nice if they were on-card autos.

Collectors always love that. This product is set to be released at the end of August at around $180/box.

Item #3 (where I read at Sports Card Info first)
Finest Rookie Redemption #3 revealed

Cubs rookie Starlin Castro is the third redemption. Castro had a great debut (which we blogged about). He had a homer a six RBIs, but since then he has not had any more of either. However, he has gotten on base and is hitting .323 (10-for-31).

Item #4 (from Beckett)
Upper Deck announced it will create Major League Lacrosse cards

I got nothing.


  1. Me too.

    Lacrosse cards? That scraping sound you hear, is the bottom of the barrel.

  2. castro had that rough/ugly game in the field too 'bout a week or so ago. bring on the tigers rookie redemptions!

  3. I think my web browser crashed while I was looking at the press release for 2010 Upper Deck MLL Lacrosse.

    Here's what I think I was able to recover:

    The Upper Deck Company, the industry leader in trading cards for boutique professional sports like the National Hockey League, Arena Football League, and Major League Soccer, is relatively pleased to announce that it has signed an undoubtedly exclusive, multi-year deal to produce trading card sets featuring the top players in the near-anonymous Major League Lacrosse (MLL).

    Upper Deck's first set of MLL cards is expected to land on store shelves in conjunction with the league's annual All-Star Game, which is scheduled for July 8 in the Circle K parking lot at N. 16th Street in Phoenix.

    "Major League Lacrosse is surprised and thrilled to be partnering with the elite boutique sport trading card company, Upper Deck, to offer both of our fans the opportunity to collect trading cards of their favorite MLL players of today, yesterday, as well as the day before yesterday," said MLL Commissioner David Gross.

    Did I get it right?

  4. That Starlin card cracks me up! Depicted doing what he does worse - field!

    I think Topps should try harder to depict him with a bat.