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May 28, 2010

Oh, the symbolism

When Upper Deck announced its social media awards, we were not fans. I believe I wrote one post on the matter and then didn't want to talk about it after that.

Somehow, we were included in the top five, which meant we won.

We received a package of product - that we intend to give away at some point - and our trophy arrived in the mail a few days ago. I just got around to opening to the box that has been sitting here untouched for the last two days.

As I was opening it, I looked at the boyfriend and said, "This sounds broken."

This is what I found.

The award is broken into two pieces. It's actually a very nice award. Glass with the name of our blog etched into it. My intention with the award was to have a little fun with it. I planned on bringing it to different places and having different people take pictures with it. I was going to try and have a little fun with it.

It's first stop might be to the hospital now.

Update: I contact Chris over at UD and he said for us to send it back and they will replace it for us. Thanks, Chris. I was never expecting one in the first place and for you guys to replace it is pretty nice. 


  1. OH I would get in touch with Chris Carlin at UD immediately. That stinks that the award was broken. You can blame it on the Shipper. I used to be a Supervisor at UPS and I have seen the horrors at times of how some of the packages are handled. I've seen the envelopes get caught in the belts and burn up.

    BTW ladies did you see I'm giving away an UD MASTERPIECES Albert Pujols Jersey card and a Derek Jeter jersey card and a bunch of other surprises away in a nice little contest?

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  3. Congrats on winning the award, however it's too bad it was broken. Look at it this way, you two won't have to fight over who gets it.... you each can have half!

  4. How fitting. A broken award from a broken company.

    It's ok though. You don't need an award to tell you how cool your blog is. We will all keep reading anyway.

  5. Let me guess, UPS delivered this?