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May 13, 2010

The adventure begins

Marie came down to my home in southern New Jersey last night.

Today is when some of the fun begins. We're going on a card shop hunt. Last week, I was driving to Philadelphia and took a different route than normal so I could avoid tolls on the highway. As I drove through a local town, I spotted a card shop that I didn't know existed.

Marie and I are here to check it out.

I don't really have any local card shops by me so it will be pretty exciting if this one will be worth it. It's just 20 minutes away and I usually get pretty close to it whenever I heard to Philly for work.

There's another one about 20 minutes in the other director, right near the shore. Since I have to head that way for work later, we're going to hit that one. However, we've been there before and they're really not that great. Since it's been about a year we hit that one last, perhaps they have upgraded a bit.

This won't be anything like our two-state, eight-card ship tour that we did about two years ago. The saddest thing about that trip was that of all the card shop on our list about half of them were closed, so we just moved on to the next mark.

Hopefully, there will be some fun pictures taken a long the way.


  1. Good luck! Find lots of goodies. :)

  2. that's just what we needed...

    thelma and louise the sequel.

  3. Very cool! Looking forward to reading about your travels. Maybe I'll do a shop hunt of my own this weekend. I know there are a couple others in San Diego, but they one closest to me seems to be cheapest. I feel like I'm cheating on them if I go anywhere else!