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May 8, 2010

And you thought Topps didn't have anything planned?

Since Topps and the NFL have announced a new trading card contract, I'm sure the people at Topps have been incredibly busy with getting their products together. However, I am pretty sure Topps knew this was coming for some time and probably had things working.

Here is what Topps showed us on Friday on Twitter, a vintage style insert, which is a tribute to the 1952 Bowman design.

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  1. Is it really planning when they have to rip off older sets for insert cards? Or is it being lazy?

  2. topps had no clue. no idea at all.

    they were told "hey! you have a licence again!"

    and then topps went "we do?, holy crap! what are we going to do? does anyone have an original idea? anyone? bueller? no? okay, let's rip off another retro vintage set. that always works. most people won't even realize. after all, they're too dumb to even know what a rookie card is without a stupid logo...."

  3. Topps football base sets have mirrored the baseball set for decades. I think a couple have had different designs but that's it. Topps ain't scrambling.

  4. Again with the remakes of the old cards. It is cool in heritage sets, but inserts? Come up with your own ideas. This looks like it should be in a Heritage set, but the painting makes it Chicle-ish