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May 22, 2010

Bryce Harper hits for the cycle

Bryce Harper.

I mostly just wanted to say his name because he's going to be one of the highly-touted prospects that no one will stop talking about until he makes it to the Major Leagues. Then, we'll find a new guy to talk about because Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper will no longer be prospects, but (hopefully) professional baseball players.

Harper hit for the cycle last night and drove in six runs in the College of Southern Nevada's 22-8 win over Lamar Community College.

Despite the fact that Harper is still in college, there are baseball cards to be had of his. He appears in a few products from 2009 all under the guide of Team USA cards. There are roughly 45 different cards of Harper's right now.

And --- AND --- they are somewhat affordable. When I looking through eBay to find Harper cards, I also checked completed listings and was surprised to see that some of his auctions ended without any bids. It's a Team USA card, but that does make it less valuable.

He's still a pretty big name, especially when that article was done on him by Sports Illustrated.

Here are some cards to chase:

1. 2010 Bowman Chrome refractors

2. 2009 Aflac autos

3. 2009 Upper Deck inscription autos

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  1. It's crazy how a guy who isn't even out of college already has more cards to his name than half of my player collections. Poor Pete LaCock and God Shammgod!

  2. Good for Mr. Harper, but are we supposed to be crazy impressed by a hit for the cycle against Southwest Reno Kitchen Academy?

    Wouldn't we expect a can't-miss talent like B-Harp to do that (or something similar like four homers, or eight stolen bases) against such a cupcake opponent?

  3. Some JUCO's are very good. There are very solid programs out there. It's not like every person on the team is having the type of nights he is.