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May 30, 2010

Everyone likes pie

In Topps Series 1, there was a series of short-printed cardsshort-printed cards that featured the Yankees and their pie. After walk-off wins, A.J. Burnett led the pie onslaught and it happened a number of times last year.

Topps Series 2 didn't want to be left out of the pie fun.

Jason Heyward has his own pie-version SP and the card is bringing some series bucks (ebay links). Through Friday, Heyward has nine homers, 35 RBIs and a .295 average through 44 games.

This card is interesting because its something that has happened in 2010, which is a novel idea. So many times we see cards with guys who have been traded. Topps has to do some photoshopping or we have seen them just change the team name on the card while they are pictured in a different uniform.

Here, we have a card pictured with something relevant from the year that it came out. I like that idea.

Anyway, if you have this card, sell now!!!!

We're talking at least $100 for this.

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  1. I would like to see a pie in the face card of Felix Pie.

  2. I'm wondering when the card's price will fall so us "common folk" can afford it!

  3. These pie cards, not just Heyward, are doing so well. It's crazy. I wish I had just to sell it.

    I'm thrilled there are no Jeter cards to chase of these.