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May 27, 2010

First Look: 2010 Topps Series 2 Jumbo packs

I couldn't wait for the box to come in the mail so I went to the Baseball Card Store today to check out the goods. I was going originally to pick up a couple of cards Dave said he had for me, and I had planned on buying a pack of something for funsies.

I bought 2 2010 Topps Series 2 Jumbo packs from a fresh box that I opened myself, so odds were totally in my favor. I picked a special box and opened the pack second from the bottom instead of the last one like I usually do. Here is what was in pack one (Mickey Mantle wrapper):

(pack damaged A-Rod card not included in scan because it made me mad, also note missing silver in Topps logo on Yankees card. Also to be noted, the last pack on each side had Dustin Pedroia so I couldn't have bought them anyway.)

Miguel Cabrera gold

Pablo Sandoval 3D

So, my feeling about pack one was way off. I was happy with the Yankees World Series card, but whatever. Onto pack 2, which was picked second from the bottom, Babe Ruth wrapper.

Luke Hochevar gold
A card my mom would have NEVER thrown away.

Chris Coughlan 3D

Ubaldo Jimenez July 4th Commemorative hat logo card

I'm happy with the packs I got, and very happy with the hat card. I like the look and feel of the card and think it was a cool idea, however I hate manufactured patches so this is going on eBay to be flipped for a Cano/Lind of possibly the same variety.

The 3D cards are pretty awesome, they are like new age Sportflics and are a nice insert that we haven't seen 40 times already. While I like them alot, I hope that cards don't look like this in 2020.

There will be a more comprehensive review of the set once we break some boxes, from this small I am digging Series 2.


  1. my head is spinning how many insert sets are there??? were there any base cards in those packs.

  2. LOL, I didn't scan the base cards because they look just like series 1 base cards. I scanned a couple that I liked for fun.

    You get 50 cards per pack, cards with an auto or relic contain 47-48 cards. I got around 9 inserts per pack.

  3. I really like the WS History cards and would like to see the 3-D cards in person.

  4. Jack, I saved you the wrappers. ;)

  5. jimenez is having a beast of a season, you should be able to flip that no prob.

  6. i would LOVE that gardner. can we do a trade?

  7. Can you scan the wrapper for me? I'd like to see the odds on the Jumbos. Thanks!

  8. How much did the packs cost? I'm trying to budget out my trip to the shop today, and I, too, want some series two to bust before my box comes in on Tuesday!

    Can't wait to see the 3-D cards!

  9. They are around $13/pack from what I am seeing in most places.

  10. Pulled the same Jimenez! And we got two hat patches in both of our boxes we opened on video. Glad to see that's not the norm this year. Also, the 2020 cards are legitimately awesome. I'll take them over When They Were Young any day!


  11. So jumbo Topps packs were $12. I wanted one even though my jumbo box is set to arrive Tuesday... instead, I went with the completely nonsensical decision to buy two regular hobby packs. I choked.

  12. Any way that I could pry that Dawson/Soriano card out of your hands??? Let me know... Thanks.