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May 14, 2010

Bobblehead Night

When I got down to Sooz's house Wednesday I was looking at her bobblehead collection, and noticed that on one of the Trenton Thunder bobbleheads it said Friday nigh was Phil Hughes bobblehead night.

I then cleverly planted the seed (deviously, like Ralphie in A Christmas Story) in Sooz's head and began watering it.

It didn't take long to sprout into a trip to the Trenton Thunder tonight topped off by the Yankee game (though speaking of thunder, it is supposed to rain on and off all night from what I read on the net). She wanted the bobblehead as well, anyway. I only have one cool bobblehead, and it's a Jeter bust from Upper Deck probably 15 or so years old. Now Jeter will have someone to talk to when I'm not home to entertain him.

There are a couple more bobblehead giveaways at the Thunder, and I would probably be interested in going to both of them if they don't interfere with my school schedule later on.

I also saw that an Adam Lind bobblehead bobblehead exists on eBay, and I would like to pick one of those up one day. Perhaps I will even add Cano and Pujols bobbleheads to my shelf. Sooz is the bobblehead lady, but I think I would like one of each of the guys I collect.

Anyone going to any games tonight or this weekend?

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  1. Wish I was going to the game in Trenton tonight to get the Hughes Bobblehead. Instead I'll be at Twin vs. Yanks tonight & the game against the Sox on Monday nighth

  2. We're going to the Yankees game too. Just stopping in Trenton first.

  3. Am I going to a game this weekend? That's so funny.

    I don't live near civilization. So, no.

    Oh, and I've got to work.

  4. Wish I could do that but I'm north of the stadium. I'll be in section 413 in with my entire family.

  5. tigers/sox saturday and sunday as we continue our domination of the east ;)!!!

  6. I'm 180 miles from Phoenix and about 250 miles from Albuquerque. No game for me. :(

  7. Just got my Griffey "the Kid" bobblehead (aka my profile picture) in the mail today. Very excited about that.

  8. You'll bobble your eye out kid.

    The only games I took in today were my daughter's softball and my son's little league.