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May 29, 2010

It has ended

The Stephen Strasburg superfractor auction has ended.

It didn't move in the last minute, which is popular with many auction. Not this one. I guess all the bidding prior to that was enough.

That auction ended at $16,403.


The things I could do with that money.

The Beckett Blog did an interview with the guy who pulled the card (link).


  1. that free shipping better include insurance and delivery confirmation! ;)

  2. i'm not too worried about this auction being legit - I have read posts from several who said they bid just to bid on it.

    A lack of snipes also tells me that those with deep pockets probably thought the current auction price was not legit.

    It certainly would not surprise me to find out the winning bidder doesn't pay and the card have to be relisted properly to get legit bidders.

  3. It's a nice looking card and Strasburg seems to be a stud. But I would rather have a brand new car. Or my student loans paid off. Or a bunch of other things.