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May 11, 2010

AJax cleaning up in rookie year

The trade sent waves through the baseball world, but none of them hit harder than at Grand Cards. The Yankees sent Austin Jackson to Detroit for Curtis Granderson. Jackson was one of the top prospects in the Yankees organization, but it didn’t seem NY had a spot for him this year in the outfield, so they sent him to Detroit for an established player and put him in the lineup right away.

Grandy is now on the DL and Jackson is an early front runner for the American League Rookie of the Year.

Jackson’s season started rough. He has 39 strikeouts in 31 games, but 32 of those strikeouts came in the first 19 games where he struck at least once. Since then, he has struck out seven times in the last 12 games.

Some of his most sought after cards are 2008 Bowman Chrome prospects autograph cards and
2007 Elite auto going for way above $100. He actually doesn’t have an official rookie card just yet despite there being 174 cards with his name on it.

There is a set coming very, very soon that will have his first official rookie card. In fact, there are already cards out there like this 2010 Bowman Chrome RC refractor auto /500 (see the RC logo at top, that’s what makes it official).

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  1. I really didn't understand the whole Grandy move. I know he's a decent player, but it would of made a lot more sense to keep Damon around and work on this Jackson kid. Now it seems obvious.