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May 30, 2010

Sunday Question

We mostly talk about baseball around here, but I know there are many other sports fans.

If you could attend one sporting event, what would it be?

Personally, I think I would like to attend a World Cup match. I could only imagine the vibe and atmosphere from that kind of game. If only I could get to South Africa.

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  1. This is easy...I want to attend a Cubs World Series game at Wrigley Field.

  2. Either an Astros World Series or an Italy World Cup game.

  3. Stanly Cup game in Philly. Hopefully I can score some tickets.

  4. Stanley Cup, with hopefully someday the Buffalo Sabres being a part of it.

  5. A Mets World Series game or the Koshien high school baseball tournament in Japan.

  6. The Winter Classic when it is held in Pittsburgh. Hockey on a baseball field just brings a tear to my eye.

  7. Being from South America & having soccer running through my blood I also have to say the World Cup. The energy & excitement in these games are like no other sport.

  8. dfg-maybe I'll see you there.

    Winter Classic in Pittsburgh is on my list. Or travel in time to see the Joe Carter WS walkoff.

  9. It's easy for me to say World Cup since I, like everyone else, have soccer fever with the tournament right around the corner, but if you asked this same question in six months it wouldn't even come to mind.

    I've been to an ALCS game seven, but it was in 04 between the Sox and Yanks, and it wasn't fun (for me, for obvious reasons).

    The Masters jumped to mind right away, although other than the course itself it's really just like any other golf tournament.

    So I'll go with the team that draws more passion from me than any other, and I'll say a Virginia Tech NCAA football championship game!

  10. The one sporting event I want to attend before I shuffle on is the Kentucky Derby.

    Outside of the Superbowl I can think of no other event that has such a grandiose spectacle.

  11. Three sporting events I'd like to see live.

    1) A U.S. vs Mexico World Cup qualifier from Estadio Azteca in Mexico City.

    2) The Mint 400, so I can walk in the path of Hunter S. Thompson.

    3) The Great Cooper's Hill Cheese-Roll, in Gloucester, England -- if only to see the carnage.

  12. 7) Dallas vs. 49ers in the new Cowboys Stadium. I hate the Cowboys, but I gotta see that place.

    6) A game in Wrigley and one in Fenway. I used to say that about Busch, Yankee, and Shea, but never made it over to those, and the new ones aren't particularly meaningful to me.

    5) A World Series game, preferably with Giants, A's, or Mariners in it. Not likely, but this is a wish list.

    4) World Cup Final. Doesn't matter who's playing.

    3) Winter Olympics, hockey final, no matter who's playing.

    1) Summer Olympics. If I have to pick an event, finals of one: ladies' gymnastics, track & field, or soccer. But there'd be so much more to see, and I'm a sucker for opening / closing ceremonies.

    1) World Cup 2nd Round or Later game with the US playing. Everywhere else in the world hates us so much, and it's a game with lots riding on it.

  13. I've been to the Super Bowl. I'm thrilled to say I've seen my baseball team win a World Series. Hockey and basketball just don't interest me enough to want to go to any of the big games.

    Maybe I can throw the Olympics on there. I think summer Olympics would be pretty cool to go to when you know someone from your country is a big favorite to win.