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May 26, 2010

KMart bargain blasters

Who doesn't like a bargain? Even if it means buying something for the price you were willing to pay when it first came out, like 2009 UD Spectrum blasters.... For $19.99 originally, you got a whole 4 packs and guaranteed a jersey card. I think I purchased one loose retail pack of this and that was it when it came out. I saw the bargain blasters and figured I can flip the game used cards,and maybe get something cool... maybe.

While the base cards are nothing special, I did get my one memorabilia card per box (*on average). I told some of the tweeters, twitter'ers, whatever that I would post the loot. So I shall keep my word, and if anyone wants to trade for either of the game used cards, let me know.

Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnon.... Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnon...

Look who it is!!!! If only I collected him.
The Halladay game used is pretty cool. I still don't understand what Upper Deck was smoking when they put FOUR packs into a box and decided it was worth $19.99 plus tax.


  1. Now I, a Jays fan, buy about the same amount of stuff at KMart and get all Yankees...and you, a Yaankees fan, correct? get two Jays game used. What a world.

  2. Maaaaaaaan, you got Timeline blasters, no fair.

    Of course you also have Documentary blasters so I guess that makes up for it.

  3. I may think about the UD Heroes blaster if I see one at the K tomorrow - oh who am I kidding. My Kmart sux. they will crummy full price 07 Topps Series 2 Blasters.

  4. I'm all for trading, Roy. Let me know.

    The KMart by me usually has nothing, but when they get in discounted blasters it's like Christmas. If I were looking for something new, this would be the last place I would try.

  5. I would love to trade for the Halladay!

  6. Everyday is a Halladay!!!

  7. 1. you have no idea how fortunate you guys are...

    2. I'll take a Timeline, UD Series 2 hockey, and a topps football

    3. when should I expect all of my Chippers??

  8. Canuck-

    1. you're probably right
    2. paypal the $ and i will pick them up and mail them
    3. you can have them if you have some fun stuff for me ;)

  9. Any chance you could grab me one of those UD Heroes Blasters?