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January 21, 2011

Sometimes I wonder why...

Did you ever look at your PC and wonder why you collect a certain player? Every time I look for something on eBay lately, I promise you it's never Adam Lind. It's not so much that I'm over collecting him (though I might be), but that the remaining cards I want of him are stupidly overpriced.

My buddy Dan from the card shop somehow ended up with two of Lind's 2010 Topps Updates & Highlights auto's and left one for me at the shop. I think he sympathizes with my stupidity in continuing this collection, and that is definitely because he also collects Lind. I bet if I asked him why he continues to do so, I'd be entertained by the answer at the very least.

I love the card, and the fact that I have super cool friends who like giving me presents because I'm super awesome.

So now I will share a few cards here that I really want, but for like 1/10th of the price. Honestly, I would LOVE to know how sellers can list Adam Lind autographs for more than $5.00 simply based on his performance last season (or lack thereof).

Adam Lind 2007 Chrome red refractor (I will give you that it is an auction, but come on.)

Adam Lind 2007 Chrome white refractor auto

Adam Lind 2010 Triple Threads auto /50

Adam Lind 2009 Icons auto /99

Adam Lind 2007 Bowman's Best /50 This card has been on eBay for over a year, the price has not budged in that year either...

This last one, I want someone to explain to me why this person bothered wasting their time scanning and listing the card.

Adam Lind 2007 Sweet Spot auto

And there have been two offers! That's might be even funnier than someone listing this card.


  1. I know what you mean. I've come across some really absurd prices in trying to fill in my Adam Lind and Travis Snider collection. I kind of just laugh at them anymore.

  2. I don't buy much from ebay at this time, but I do look on there to see what cards people have listed. As for my collection, mostly Cleveland Indians, it amazes the prices that people put on cards. I did find a lot of common Indians cards of about 100 cards that the seller had $15.00 on them and there was nothing of value because I had most of them so I knew. Crazy! People are money hungry at times on ebay. However, on the flip side, I have gotten some really good deals over the years on there too, so it is really a catch twenty two when it comes to buying cards off ebay.

  3. I'm in the same boat as you with Joba Chamberlain. I was on a quest to get every card of his and waaaayy over-collected. Somewhere down the line I decided to collect on-card autos, minis and low #'d serials and I can't even give away the other 100 or so commons I have. Yet, some of his prices on BIN are insane, just because he's in a Yankees uniform??

  4. Ha! It looks like the last auction (Sweet Spot) has dropped down to six bucks, unless you were complaining about even six bucks for that fade-y disaster.

    I do presume that it was higher once before, and that the seller had since made a "market correction". It's funny, but sellers just frankly neglect their auto-relist items, and it doesn't have so much to do with consistent greed-over-time, as it is more laziness-to-update-items to be more likely to sell. Just human nature, really.