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January 17, 2011

My first 2011 baseball card

Social media has become another avenue for card collectors to share stories, complain about products and make trades.

But as so many of us have found in the blogosphere, some people are just nice enough to send something over because they know you are going to enjoy it a lot more than they will. That's part of what makes collecting so much. You meet people who are willing to take the mounds of Pittsburgh Pirates cards off of your hands.

On Twitter, @DymoSports had a short-lived (and, really, I think it was rigged) contest looking for a Derek Jeter fan. I chimed in. I won. It was that simple. He sent me a huge 2011 Derek Jeter promo card.

The picture was taken next to my laptop just so you can see the size of the card. It fits in an 8x10 top loader. (My laptop has Freedom Cardboard up, in case you were wondering)

I received this card before Christmas but just got around to posting it. Now, Jumpman Jeter will sit with me on my desk while I work. :)

Thanks @DymoSports

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  1. You mean they still make Pirates cards? Wow, I didn't know that.

    Very nice addition! It's amazing some of the generousity you find in the Blogasphere.

  2. Does the card have an actual back and where does one get a top loader that big for a trading card?

  3. Pretty ridiculous to have a promo card that large, unless the intention is to hang it in the store window to get people excited for 2011 Topps baseball.

    Laurens: they make 8x10 sized toploaders for auto 8x10 photos so it would fit that promo card perfectly.

  4. Very cool ! Now I have to find a Tribe promo !

  5. Glad you like it.

  6. Awesome Jeter! I'm really looking forward to this year's Topps and Topps Heritage.