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January 26, 2011

Mail Day: Basketball Trade

I completed my first basketball card trade, or at least I think I did. (Please call me out if I didn't, Derek.) Some of you may know that I get a little absent minded when trying to multi-task and forget to mail things or write blogs I say I'm going to write, etc. I mean well, I swear.

I got an e-mail from Big D over at the blog, Hey That's Mine! regarding a bubble mailer he sent my way. It was a glorious piece of mail, the kind of bubble mailer I have never received before... It was full of basketball cards!! Oh and a special surprise that was freakin' awesome. Take a look at what Big D sent over:

Lamar Odom

Pau Gasol

Derek Fisher

Kobe Bryant

Andrew Bynum

Danilo Gallinari

2010 Topps Robinson Cano GU
I love bubble mailer days.

I also think I have Derek's pile of cards sitting on my desk at this very moment.... Check your e-mail, buddy.

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