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January 26, 2011

Catching up on the news: Bradford 1/1 not packed out?

Just in case collectors didn't see the mess that brought up on Blowout and a few other blogs, I wanted to let collectors know about the story of the moment.

A collector on Blowout claimed he asked for replacement redemptions from Panini when the cards he wanted took too long.

Standard practice.

Panini allegedly sent him back the best card in the set – a 2010 Certified Sam Bradford Mirror Black 1/1 auto, which has already made its way on to ebay.

Sports Card File explained why something like this could potentially happen. Sports Cards Uncensored is NOT happy about this mess.

Remember, this is a story with no confirmation from Panini and no proof shown otherwise by the poster.

But if this is true, it definitely hurts collectors because while the probability of getting this card is very low, no one expected their chance to actually be zero percent. We all buy baseball boxes and cases hoping to get that one big hit (most of us anyway). When people buy lottery tickets, they get them in hopes they will defeat the odds.

Hopefully, Panini responds to this and explains what happened or deny the entire story. Either way, it puts a cloud over the company.


  1. Geez, 9grand and the person doesn't even throw in free shipping. I wonder how annoyed he/she is going to be with 250,000 e-mails about offers less than $200.

  2. Are we really at the point where we expect card companies to be perfect? Production and human errors are an unfortunate fact of life for everyone, including manufacturers.

    I also cannot believe that any company would send out a 1/1 as a replacement, for obvious reasons. Perhaps this guy was attempting to drum up interest in the card before it hit eBay?

  3. Does no one care that he also claims to have gotten a Tom Brady Jersey Auto numbered to 5!!! from Rookies and Stars? Hmmm it does smell fishy but I wouldn't put it past Panini or Topps and especially not UD.

  4. Hmmm just got done reading the posts from Gellman and Steve. Interesting. Very Interesting. Certainly a great firestorm topic.

  5. Oh and I wanted to thank you Sooz for putting all together in a nice little package here.

  6. People want to believe conspiracy because it's juicy. Plain and simple human error or incompetence just aren't as sexy.

    My guess is that there is a 1/1 Bradford Whoop-dee-doo® out there still in packs, or in a collector's hands that made it in packout.

    If this guy's story is indeed true, then it would stand to reason that Panini made a replacement 1/1 in case the biggest card of the product happens to get dented on the way to Target.

    The inexplicable part is why the replacement card wasn't encased in Kevlar with a big bright post-it note printed with the words "ONLY USE IF THE OTHER ONE SHOWS UP" on it.

    This smells mostly like a lazy grab off of a pile by a customer service mouth-breather that inadvertently made some poor schmo's day.