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July 26, 2010

eTopps Release 7/26 - 8/2

This weeks eTopps cards are:

Prince Fielder

Curtis Granderson

Carlos Santana


  1. The Santana has been eagerly awaited by some.

    Granderson is a Yankee, but probably not one most people wanted before others (at least it's not a Joba).

    Princess Fielder, I guess, is one of those "required star" used to fill out a set. If this were the 1970s, Fielder would be one of those guys who gets a "0" at the end of his card number, like 560. maybe even a"50" on the end.

    Otherwise, he may be useful for the BLC game on the eTopps site, but time is running out for that, and I have lots more useful players I still can use.

  2. is the fielder card one of those "Widevision" cards Topps uses in their nonsports issues???

    what a fat bastard.... I'm surprised he's not a Dh by now.. he meets the criteria. Can hit, fat, can't field. Perfect.