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January 20, 2009

2008 Topps Heritage High Series Packs 6-12

I opened packs 6-12 in order in the box, without skipping around and here is how it panned out.

Box Hit:
Nikita Khrushchev Authentic Stadium Seat hand numbered (by who) 40/59... I should be happy or something about this, but it's gonna end up on eBay because I saw one completed listing for $65.

2 Chrome cards:
-C259 Willy Aybar

-C280 Jose Castillo

Black Back SP's:
-514 Brandon Backe
-602 Scott Hairston
-649 David Dellucci

Flashback 4 - Ken Griffey Jr.

Topps Updates & Highlights:
-UH127 (x2) Jeter & Young (one for me & Sooz), UH274 Albert Pujols

UH127, UH128, UH191, UH198, UH199, UH245, UH 247, UH275, UH 295, UH329

Heritage Base Cards: 510, 524, 538, 543, 564, 565, 580, 583, 590, 596, 599, 602, 604, 610, 612, 613, 620, 622, 630, 640, 650, 656, 659, 664, 678, 687, 701, 720

The more I am thinking about the Khrushchev card, the more I like it if I can get the same amount for mine. I have no use for these random historical cards, I bought the box for baseball cards, not for stadium seats that may have been sat in by the guy on the card. Now if he signed the card, then it would be a cool piece of history.


  1. and what the heck stadium is the seat from???

  2. When he visited Candlestick in 1963. He was a former Russian Premier who almost got us into a nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

  3. Of all the things Topps could have done. Putting a seat piece from someone who got the United States as close to nuclear war as Krushev did is just plain puzzling. What's next, a piece of Osama bin Laden's robe? Very strange indeed.

  4. I would punt the Khrushchev too. I didn't think about it the same way you did Chris, but since you brought it up that is a bad choice for a card.

  5. too bad the krushchev's not a shoe. I might have bought it

  6. I hadn't planned on building it. Honestly, there were very few cards in the box that I am putting into my PC. The rest are going to either be for trade, or for sale on eBay.

  7. Did a little more poking around, and the piece of seat is from Seals Stadium, where the old PCL San Francisco team played, and the Giants played in 1958-59 prior to the opening of Candlestick in 1960. Khrushchev visited the US in 1959 (matches the theme of this year's Topps Heritage set).

    Funny--many of the seats got re-purposed for a stadium in Tacoma, WA. Now that stadium has been remodeled. For the low, low price of a little over $400, an entire seat can be yours, postpaid.

    It seems that the only thing it has to do with Khrushchev is that the seat was in the stadium when he visited the City briefly in September of '59.

    I can't find any mention of the Soviet premier actually getting to be in the ball park at all. He did tour Stanford, an IBM plant, the inside of some hotels, and some SF city streets, at least, however.

    The only coincidence I can find is that on the same day Khrushchev went back to the Soviet Union, the Giants signed a lease for Seals Stadium until Candlestick was ready.

  8. Anything happening with that Chrome Castillo, by the way? :-D

  9. Anyone had a problem with getting multiple cards in a pack of 2008 Heritage?

    I've had this happen several times - once I found that there were three cards with duplicates, and TWO Chrome Manny Parra cards in the same pack.