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January 15, 2009

Recent Trades With Fellow Bloggers and Readers

First and foremost I would like to say what a great group of people I have met through this blog, and through other blogs. Everyone so far has been super-nice and very helpful with getting me cards, and in some cases even making them. I never thought I would end up making a bunch of friends on here that would want to trade at all, much less regularly. I am going to do my best to showcase the trades that have come in this week, and do my best to remember what went out.

I am going to start with Aardvark Trading, Co. (a.k.a. Cards in the Attic) who was kind enough to pull together some interesting Russell Martin cards, a 2007 mini Allen & Ginter Phil Hughes card, and 5 Yankee Stadium Legacy cards in exchange for (I think) 10 or 15 Allen & Giniter mini cards. Splendid trade!

The next trade I want to show is one that took some time, and more effort on their part than mine. This has to be by far one of the coolest things I have ever opened in a bubble mailer, and definitely is an instant favorite in my collection. This trade came from one of our readers "topher". I sent him some Twins cards from Timeline, Documentary, and some random surprises in exchange for 2 Gameday Graphers, which are cards he makes himself for TTM, or in person autographs. He sent me as promised a Russell Martin, and Phil Hughes. But... he also included a GREAT surprise... the Albert Pujols one I had wanted, AND it is numbered 1/1. The letter in the bubble mailer stated that he will not make another Pujols card for anyone for the rest of the year, and that 1/1 is all mine. Yahoo!!! Now the debate is, do I keep the card or make some meager attempt of sending it with a letter to Albert and pray daily that he signs it for me. We'll have that discussion another day. Here are the cards:

I will get another blog posted with the other 3 trades shortly. I want to give everyone a chance to read each, and leave comments. Well, and also because I think one blog will take over the entire page. Thanks to both of these great guys for working all this out.


  1. I'm glad you like how the GameDays turned out! Please let me know how they look signed.

    ESPECIALLY the Pujols! ;)

  2. If the Pujols gets signed and sent back, I may to a jig from here to Minnesota.

  3. If you do a jig from here to Minnesota, I'll design you your own GameDay Graphers card. You'll have to sign it for me, of course. :D