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January 5, 2009

Say it Ain't So J.C.

ESPN (and possibly other outlets) is reporting that J.C. Romero is suspended for 50 games under MLB's anti doping policy.


The Phillies just won the World Series and Romero, a Phillies reliever, had a huge hand in that. He won Games 3 and 5 of the Series and now he won't be working for a while.

Here's a quote from the story as you can see Romero is pissed. It seems as though he got hosed.

Three months after Romero was tested before a Phillies-Mets game on Aug. 26, the Players Association sent a Nov. 21 letter to players that stated, "We have previously told you there is no reason to believe a supplement bought at a U.S. based retail store could cause you to test positive under our Drug Program. That is no longer true. We have recently learned of three substances which can be bought over the counter at stores in the United States that will cause you to test positive. These three supplements were purchased at a GNC and Vitamin Shoppe in the U.S."

So how does this work? Since he is suspended for using illegal drugs does that mean his wins aren't eligible? Do we have to play more World Series games?

This is the never-ending Series. Maybe the Rays have a chance.

But which team does Pat Burrell now play for?


  1. careful Sooz, you don't ever want to accuse a pro athlete of switching teams...

  2. Heh. I am fairly confident of Burrell's team from all of the stories I've heard about him.

    He's a legend in Phillie. Now he is just going to wreak havoc in Clearwater full time instead of just Spring Training.

  3. What is it with former Twins and their doping? *shakes fist like an old codger*

  4. Sweet! So you're saying that the Rays are the real champions and that the Phillies Series win was illegitimate, right? :)

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  6. Watch out, Dave. Jason Bartlett's next!

    *shakes fist like an old codger*

  7. They need to come up with an approved list of supplements as tested by the labs. This seems pretty easy to me, I don't understand why a multi million dollar association like the MLBPA can't come up with this for it's players. JC should not be punished for using over the counter dietary supplements. The MLBPA though really should get a list together for it's players.

  8. They just went thru this in the NFL. Football gave the players a list of ok supplements, and then at some point discovered the list was incorrect. The Players were suspended but appeals keep delaying the suspensions.

  9. I agree. I think the MLBPA should be fined in this instance. Perhaps if they are the ones suffering the losses and not Romero (who I happen to really like and think is a good guy), perhaps they would have a better list handy.