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September 26, 2010

Topps Triple Threads FAIL Part 2

You didn't think I was done hating did you? I drank a nice big glass of Haterade before I started searching around on eBay again. This one is an epic failure.

Mariano Rivera is hands down the greatest closer of all time. Topps was kind enough to give Mariano a card in the 2010 Triple Threads, however they were not kind enough to make it a card that is unique to him. Instead, they mailed it in and made this card... 2010 Topps Triple Threads Mariano Rivera

That's it? That was the best idea the design team could come up with? Really? Not "Sandman" in illegible words with all gray jersey filling it in? No booklet of "Greatest Closer of All Time" illegibly in all gray jersey?

Come on guys, that is a terrible card for Mariano.


  1. I think it stands for "Mariano loves baseball".

  2. They also have a "39 PS SV Record" and "526 SVS" which are both weak.

    Not technically a Rivera, but I really like this one:

  3. I'd like to see more self referential Triple Threadbare cards. Ones with bat relics that say "LOTSA WOOD", or true relic jersey swatches stating "BUNCHA FLANNEL".

    These would be no worse off than plenty of dubious ones they've made already.

  4. there is a booklet, i belive it was arod and rivera and it said world champs. You are def off on this one these cards are going crazy on ebay. Derek Jeter jersey card that said capitan sold for 115 and it was all gray. Albert pujols jersey that said prince albert sold for 80. Cant agree here i think you should look on ebay again as there a ton of booklets and stuff.

  5. Just because cards sell for a lot of money - cough, coughn Strasburg, cough - doesn't make them good.

  6. Hows this?

  7. That is true but it does mean that a lot of people think they are good because they are spending money to get them.