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September 27, 2010

John Sterling meets Topps

If you’re a New York Yankee fan, you’re familiar with the radio broadcaster John Sterling. One of the characteristics of his broadcasts is doing the most absurd home run call for a player by using their name. It’s became a joke amongst Yankee fans when a new player comes to the Yankees what Sterling’s home run call will be.

Apparently, Sterling’s home run calls are far-reaching.

Topps decided to incorporate some of those home runs calls into 2010 Topps Triple Threads
this year.

First, we have Alex Rodriguez (A-Bomb by ARod, although I think he usually says From Arod).
(auction link)

Robinson Cano (Don'tcha know!)
(auction link #1)
(auction link #2) 1/1

Derek Jeter (Jeterian - Although, Sterling has used this to describe Jeter doing anything things, but often says "Jeterian swing")
(auction link #1)
(auction link #1)
(auction link #3)

Mark Teixeira (Tex Message, which is arguably better than when Sterling says "You're on the Mark Teixeira")

Nick Swisher (This is actually not John Sterling, but an inside joke or sorts with Yankee fans. When Swisher is called out during the roll call, he does what has been coined as the Swisher Salute)
- This card sold for $300 on eBay (link)


  1. what, no "The Candy Man Can!" for Grandy, "Thaaaaaaa Yankees Win!", "Yankees Radio, Driven by Jeep.", or "you know, soozyn..."?

    or suzyn's "Oh My God! (crying", "you know, jawn, ...", or "The Rays caught a break. Replays show it hit Jeter's bat!".

  2. Now they need to immortalize some Hawk Harrelson-isms in stupid swatch windows in a horrendously overpriced product.

  3. These obviously have a very limited target audience.

  4. It's more limited than you think. Most Yankee fans think these calls are pretty terrible.

  5. I've wondered how Yankees fans felt about his calls. I here them on the ESPN Radio version of Sportscenter on my way to work and they just make me cringe. The A-Bomb from A-Rod is especially bad. That might be due to my disdain for A-Rod, but it's still bad.

  6. Of course, by "here them" I meant "hear them".

  7. Somebody tell me this is what is going on here: signhereandhere.blogspot
    I posted a Joba card that baffles me. It's gotta be Sterling from the looks of this post.
    Thank s for the lead SOOZ!