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September 7, 2009

Jeter vs. Gehrig

I'm not sure where the confusion is for some people on Twitter and elsewhere but no one is saying Jeter is/was a better player than Gehrig. I have yet to read someone stating that as an opinion. Maybe there are people saying this, and I just missed it. Jeter is not the powerhitter that Gehrig was and Jeter has also been quoted as saying he doesn't care if he ever hits another homerun again when asked about him being the 8th man on the roster to reach 20 in the season.

The following of Jeter breaking the Yankees all-time leader in hits and putting Gehrig in the same sentence is based on the Yankees all-time leaderboard which is no indication of him being an MVP or anything like that. Jeter has a place in Yankees history whether some of you like it or not, and he will be one of the greatest Yankees ever despite playing longer than Gehrig and whoever else.

Here are the Yankees all-time leaders so you can see for yourself. Yes, Jeter has had more AB's and plate appearances than Gehrig but what is the big deal? This stat is meaningless to everyone outside of the Yankees fan base, so why all the hate if you don't like the Yankees? It's a franchise record and by no means an indication that he should be MVP or that anyone should be saying he is the best player that ever lived. If someone can show me another player who has meant what Jeter has to the Yankees, and brought that many championships to a team in the same years that Jeter has been playing, by all means tell me.


  1. Why do you hate Gehrig so much? 8-)

  2. As an addendum to the "Why does everyone hate the Yankees"'s story lines like this. Would any other player breaking a team hits record get nearly as much national publicity? It's not even like it's a lot of hits.