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September 23, 2009

2009 Goodwin Champions Packs 9-12 *Case Hit

So here is the moment you have all been waiting for, at least maybe like 4 of you have been. As I mentioned before there was some talk about the hits being within the last two packs, however my packs were all jumbled up in the box so I just put 10 per half and started. In these packs I got a box hit, as well as a surprise case hit. The case hit came first, then the box hit so it was a more than happy time opening the middle of this box.

Here are the scans:

OK, so it was not the most exciting case hit on Earth but I can use it to make this box cost half as much as it did, and to me that is super exciting.

So when I first opened the auto pack, I barely even looked at the card because I was like wow, a double in consecutive packs is a little odd. Then I scanned it and noticed oh hi, he signed this one. Duh. Even though I am over collecting Tulo, I will probably hold onto this one since it is a hard signed copy and add it to my other Tulo autos.

There were also (surprise!) 2 20th anniversary cards in the packs, but one was Mark Messier and the other was Eli Manning and my brother got those before I scanned. I'm sure you are all heartbroken that they were not pictured.

I will probably break the rest of the box later today once I finish my homework and stuff. Anyone get a Pujols, Cano, Lind, or Russ gypsy back? I got a Cano mini, but need the rest as of now. Perhaps Albert is lurking in the bottom of the box...


  1. Sweet case hit! I want one of those cards more than anything (don't ask me why) and was pretty bummed there wasn't one in either of the boxes I busted.

    There's no way you'd trade it, is there?

  2. beardy, the only way I would trade it at this point is for a Cano auto or something like that. I know I can flip it on eBay to end up even on an auto (unless everyone on eBay is sick of bugs that is).

    I'll entertain an offer is what I'm sayin.

  3. Understood. I don't have a Cano auto to trade you (or I definitely would)

    My forever being indebted to you isn't enticing enough to convince you to trade it away? Being able to cherry pick any Yankees card I pull from now till the end of eternity isn't enough?

    It was worth a shot! I'm selling the Tiger relic I pulled, so if it comes down to it, I can always use those funds to purchase a bug card.

  4. Nice Pulls!

    I would redeem the bug card before I sold it. At this point you have no idea what bug it is your getting.

    Some may have more value then others. Im sure a butterfly has more value then a snail ( or maybe not?)

  5. Boy,you did have some nice hits there!Of course , I would be interested in the Cliff Lee if you don't want it.And any other Tribe pieces. I'm working on another package for you too! Thanks

  6. would you trade it for a Kevin Kouzmanoff Exquisite rookie signatures #8 out of 20??

  7. Awesome bug card!

  8. Would you trade it for an Alex Rodriguez 2009 finest 1/1 plate?