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September 17, 2009

Do you belong in this set?

"Get off my lawn"

If you belong in this set of trading cards, undoubtedly, you've heard those words.

While we collect trading cards for multiple reasons, they serve so many purposes. Parents get them made up for their children competing in soccer, football or other sports.

This site, The Problem With Young People Today Is..., created online trading cards with all the little hoodlums running around the neighborhood.

There's the stoner and the skank, all made with the backgrounds of some of your favorite cards.

With only three cards in the set, there certainly has to be a couple of more.

Name them.


  1. Those cards are awesome!!! The stoner, the goth, the skank... I love the stats on them, too. I don't think I fall into those three categories, but I could probably be in that set if they included the Vegan or the tattooed freak...Good stuff.

  2. Can't wait for the 'creepy otaku' card. ;3