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September 25, 2009

2009 Goodwin Champions Packs 13-20 & Review

I told you guys that this would probably be the slowest box break ever considering I won't be buying another hobby box for quite some time (maybe). I finished the rest of the box last night on commercial breaks of Grey's Anatomy (which was awesome). Overall I am extremely happy with the box vs. money spent.

I scanned everything in the last few packs, the Hamilton 20th anniversary card is reserved for Tricia over at the Hamiltonian if she needs it. Otherwise all 20th anniversary cards will be sent to VOTC in exchange for Cano and Pujols goodness. Here are the scans, and the breakdown of the box will be after the pics.

So there you have it. My entire box was scanned for your viewing pleasure, and for mine because I really love the design of these cards. I don't really see the card stock being that big of an issue here. I would rather have a nicely designed card on average card stock than a crappy design on a thicker one.

Here is the breakdown:

- 57 base cards (no doubles)
- 21 mini (2 doubles, Iwamura and Uehara)
- 5 gypsy back
- 1 silver mini (Miguel Cabrera)
- 2 relics (Victor Martinez and Ryan Braun)
- 1 auto (Troy Tulowitzki)
- 1 case hit (Entomology redemption)
- 10 UD 20th anniversary cards

If I had to give this product a letter grade it would get a B+. I wouldn't give it an A simply because of the 20th anniversary card insert ratio. You only get 5 cards per pack to begin with and when the stick you with one of those goofy inserts you lose out on a base card, rather than getting that as a bonus.

As far I'm concerned this was a sweet hobby box for me considering I like Ryan Braun and Troy Tulowitzki. It sucked because Pujols is not a short print and I still didn't get one. As far as Yankees base cards, I ended up with Pettitte, Joe D., and Bucky Dent. No Jeter or Cano in the box either which kinda sucks, oh and no Russ Martin or Adam Lind. I didn't expect the Lind though because I believe he is a super SP for some unknown reason.

Luckily Target has packs here and blasters. I was able to pick up some packs and get a few Yankees, still no Jeter or Pujols though.

Anyone pull a Pujols foil or gypsy back? I am still looking for those, as well as Lind, Cano, and Martin. Holla if you have them.


  1. I do need the Hamilton. I have a mini-stack here for you, and I'll (hopefully) be busting some Goodwin this weekend. :)

  2. it's all yours. i may also have a goodwin double of him if you don't get one. i have to double check.

  3. Marie

    How did the bug card auction go?

  4. If it had better collation, I'd agree with a B+ grade as well. I bought two boxes and I'm not even close to finishing the set. Lame.

  5. Marie-

    I bought a blaster of Goodwin today. I scored this card.

    Let me know if you want to trade.

  6. Nice to Adam was Super SP'd. How about the big game the other night....SWEET!!!

  7. Sweet! I just ordered two boxes. 09 Absolute Memorbilia ( dont usually get football but I have a thing for Sanchez that guy is a leader) and 09 Ballpark Collection. Cant wait to open them. I did want to get goodwin but I already had a few blaster boxes.