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December 29, 2010

The Yankees fifth starter could see a jump in card prices

With news that Andy Pettitte may be retiring, prospectors are jumping at the chance to predict the next Yankees fifth starter.

Since New York didn’t land any pitching free agents this offseason, so far, it’s likely the Yankees will have to get someone within the organization.

But who?

Could it be one of the Killer Bs?

That’s what prospectors are hoping for and Andrew Brackman seems to be leading that charge. Brackman was the Yankees 2007 first-round pick. His name hasn't been mentioned earlier because Brackman was recovering from Tommy John surgery he had in August 2007.

On Dec. 16, a Brackman Bowman blue refractor sold for $20 at auction. On Dec. 26, a blue refrector sold for $40 with a BIN listing.

In just 10 days, his cards have jumped significantly.

An orange raw refractor sold for $110 just yesterday.

He also has 60 items listed on eBay right now. Meanwhile, just 18 items of his sold since Dec. 16, including two cards that went yesterday.

Last season in Double-A Trenton, Brackman went 5-7 with a 3.01 ERA. He struck out 126 and walked 39 in 140 2/3 innings.

Current Brackman auctions
- 2008 Bowman Chrome auto refractor /500
- 2008 Bowman Chrome auto blue refractor 9.5 BGS
- 2007 USA auto /30
- Signa Cuts auto /25
- 2008 Just Minors auto 1/1
- 2007 Donruss Elite Extra Edition auto /500

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