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December 19, 2010

Sunday Question

Christmas is just a week away and I am kind of excited. I was thinking about past Christmases (is that a word? or is it Christmas'? actually I don't care, no one is paying me to write this), and all the cool toys and things I used to get as a kid and even as a teenager.

So here it is: What was the coolest thing you got for Christmas as a kid? (16 and younger)

There are very few things I remember opening as a kid and being so surprised that I didn't know which way to go first. In my house the gifts for Christmas usually end up being one big gift and a couple of little things. The earliest thing I can remember opening as a kid was a giant refrigerator sized box (I was maybe like 6 years old) and inside was a ginormous Woody Woodpecker stuffed animal. I loved him as a kid. I also got an adult like 10 piece drum set one year, too. That was cool.


  1. Interesting question. I think it would have to be a Starling Lineup Stadium Stars Nolan Ryan. The figure is like 12 inches tall and I still have it. They were Impossible to find that year and my dad found me one.

  2. I got a Nintendo for Christmas one year. I wanted it so so bad and somehow, with little money, my parents came through. I played that thing until I had Nintendo Thumb. What they did was bought a stuffed Garfield and put it in a box. Of course it was too small and too light to be a Nintendo. I was ready to be disappointed, but when I opened it there was a note that said "Ask your dad where your Nintendo is."

    Next to me in the blackness lay my beige plastic beauty. The greatest Christmas gift I had ever received, or would ever receive. Gradually, I drifted off to sleep, stomping goombas, turtles and getting off spectacular hip shots.

    Then there was the box of 91 stadium club baseball I got for christmas. Dad found it at a mini mart for .50 a pack. That's when it still sold for $5 a pack.

  3. I used to love Starting Lineups, I still have all of mine, too. I save everything (look for me on Hoarders).

    That is an awesome Nintendo story. =)

    I forgot all about Nintendo Christmas. I played Dunk Hunt that year until my eyes were crossed. Good call on that one. Dunk Hunt and RC Pro Am were the best (aside from Mario).

    I used to play my Nintendo on occasion until I could no longer connect it to my tv.

  4. I remember Christmas 1993 when I got my box of Fleer Ultra Series 2 baseball. Man, what a fun time opening that box was! I remember on other various Christmases I got a Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo 64. Hopefully Santa brings a Wii this year!

  5. I still have mine, it works. I had to fix it a while ago. The cartridge reader was all screwed up so I ordered a new one and installed it. Works great. Still have my games too.

    I was the first person I knew to beat Mike Tyson, finished Zelda and the Coup De Gras..Mega Man.

  6. I didnt get into baseball cards until the mid 80's when I was closer to 20, but I built models as a kid. With 8 kids in my family though it wasn't too frequently that I got them, but when I did...oh boy! One Christmas when I was around 11 I got 2 huge, full rigging sailing ship models, the USS Constitution AND the Cutty Sark. One alone would have been enough to blow me away. Those 2 kits kept me busy for a full year. The following Christmas I got 2 huge airplane models, the 1/48 scale B-17 and B-24. What great memories opening those up.

  7. Quite often I still think about the gift I got circa 1986 or 87'. One of those years I got an Edmonton Oilers hockey jersey & I pretty much wore it every day that I could - to school, to my friends houses etc. I was especially proud to wear it when the pond nearby froze over & I got to play pond hockey with the other kids from the neighbourhood.

    Eventually I outgrew the jersey & it was passed along to a younger cousin. I still really wish I had it.

  8. My best Christmas present was a Star Wars AT-AT walker when I was 5 or 6 years old. It still think it's one of the coolest toys ever made.

    Runner up would be an original Game Boy when I was 14 or 15.

    I still have both, but the AT-AT is in better shape than the Game Boy ... about half the screen is dead pixels after 20 years.

  9. Great question... so many things to choose from. I'd have to say... my Atari 2600 or my Millenium Falcon.

    The 2600 saw a lot more action, because I played it with by myself, with my friends, and even with my family.

    I was a little younger when I received the Falcon... but it was by far my favorite space ship at the time... since Han Solo was my favorite character (at the time).

  10. With me I don't recall every little thing (or even the big ones) but one package I do recall was one that was in a garbage bag it was so big and strangely shaped. I don't recall how old I was. The package turned out to be a stuffed Tas the Tasmanian Devil (from the Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny Cartoons) about 1.5ft tall I guess? I still have it after all these years.

  11. CaptKirk -- I had that Woody Woodpecker for a few years until my younger brother got bored with his wrestling buddies and decided that WW was more of a challenge... He literally beat the stuffing out of it.

  12. I would have to say my He-Men Eternia play set. That thing was enormous. We had a tradition in my family where we get to open one present on Christmas Eve and since that one was pretty obvious as to what it was, I opened that and spent the next few hours assembling it and putting on all of the stickers. I eventually fell asleep on the couch in the living room with The Monkees on before everything was completed.

  13. In 1985 I got a 1976 complete mint Topps set for Christmas from my parents. Runner up would be an atari 2600.