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December 23, 2010

Topps ringing 2011 with some big names

I'm a little late to the news, but Topps has gotten Sandy Koufax and Hank Aaron to sign baseball cards for 2011.

Aaron was most recently announced. His autographs will be included in 2011 Topps Heritage, 2011 Tribute and 2011 Gypsy Queen. Topps is getting two of baseball's all-time greats (and perhaps REAL home run king) into its products for the upcoming baseball card season.

Koufax and Aaron are the type of players who transcend teams. I would be thrilled to get these guys even though they never played for MY team. Aaron has a number of autographed - though many are short-printed - but this one looks pretty sharp. Heritage is the type of set made for old-school player autographs.

His last Topps auto came in 2005. So it's been a while since we've seen Hammerin' Hank on a card.

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  1. Hank Aaron comes several years too late for Topps. I'd rather have an auto from him from years ago when it actually looked good.

    BTW, Robby Cano will be on 2011 Topps packaging.

  2. I hope more of his autographs on the market will lower the values, so I can finally afford to pick up his signature.

  3. His signature is his signature no matter his age. Yea it make not look at smooth as it did years ago. Arthritis tends to do that to us as we get older. I think it comes too late for Topps because Topps should have went to on card autographs some years ago; however, I really like the fact that Aaron is one of the HOFers that are the first to sign on card other than the stickers for Topps. It may decrease the value of his autograph because some in the industry have a skewed way at looking at things like that. I would find an affordable auto Fuji and go ahead and get it. He will be facing Rapid Robert Feller on the Field of Dreams sooner than later. When that happens, use *COBs won't be able to save enough to get Hammerin' Hank's autograph.


    *COBs (Collectors on a Budget)

  4. I think the fact is... I may never be able to afford his autograph. But... a couple of years ago, I didn't think I'd ever acquire a Bill Russell (the Celtic legend, not the Dodgers shortstop)... but I finally did.

    C'mon Topps... start flooding the market w/ Aaron autos... you're my only hope.

  5. That'd be a heckuva of a Dual auto! I just hope they don't "waste" the auto on a manufactured patch card.