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September 14, 2011

Boxing cards in baseball: Topps put Manny Pacquiao in another product

Even though 2011 Topps Marquee is supposed to be a baseball product, the company has put in Manny Pacquiao cards. A boxer.

Pacquiao first appeared in Topps cards this year in Allen and Ginter, the type of product Pacquiao cards belong because despite Allen and Ginter being listed as a baseball product, it's really a multi-sport, pop culture issue. Allen and Ginter features baseball players, entertainment figures and other sports stars.

Topps Marquee features veterans, stars and rookies of baseball.

So why a boxer in a baseball product?

This is why.

On the secondary market, Pacquiao's cards will sell for good, if not great prices. So, likely that means that people are going to go after these cards.

But why would Topps have to put this card in the product? Shouldn't it be able sell well enough on its own?

Really, shouldn't it?


  1. I couldn't agree more. To have boxing cards in a baseball card product is sacrilegious. It's just not cool

  2. Another example of Topps not caring about anything but money as people will buy up just about anything they put out.

  3. And this is what Topps having a monopoly on the MLB trading card market has done. Now, no one can put out a BASEBALL card set... I hope those that looked for innovation and creativity in this disaster are happy now.

  4. It's pretty simple. Topps paid out the ass to get Manny's auto's. So much that they could not financially justify only putting him in A&G. They have to make their money back + some sweet profit, so there you go...throw him in as many products as you can dish out.