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June 28, 2010

The rainbow is so pretty

I'd like to think I can be a patient person. I think that quality was a lot better when I was younger. However, when it comes to baseball cards, I've been decent with it when I've been looking for certain cards to fill my collection.

My Kevin Kouzmanoff is coming along nicely. I have all the base, most of the higher-numbered cards and many low-numbered cards. However, certain cards have eluded my grip over the last three years and, amazingly, two of them came into my hands last week.

The first is 2007 Bowman's Best gold auto /50.

The card wasn't actually difficult to find. A seller or two had it on eBay, but for a prize I wasn't willing to part with for this auto. Finally, one popped up in an auction and I snagged it. It didn't take many cards to complete this rainbow (I don't count 1/1 cards), but it's still very pretty to me.

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