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August 12, 2011

What can a 31-game hitting streak do for a player's value?

(Editor's note: thanks for the correction)

As of Friday morning, Dan Uggla is up to 31 games. An impressive feat, but still very far off from Joe DiMaggio with 56 games.

The great thing is Uggla is currently batting .224. He has been horrendous this season, but during his 31-game hitting streak, he is hitting .355 with 12 homers and 29 RBIs.

This hitting just might get collectors to notice him because it definitely wasn't the five-year $62 million contract he signed.

His cards haven't seemingly hit staggering prices since starting his hitting streak. Two of his 2006 rookies, both Topps Chrome red refractors /5 sold for more than $100 on eBay, including one for $147. The next best cards that was sold on eBay was a 2006 Sweet Spot Update bat barrel with blue ink /10, which went for $75.

Can this hitting streak save Uggla?

As you ponder that, in the meantime check out some of Uggla's best cards:

2005 Topps Total Silver #723 D.Uggla/E.Schindewolf
2006 Bowman Blue #227 Dan Uggla AU
2006 Bowman Sterling Refractors #DU Dan Uggla
2006 SP Authentic #285 Dan Uggla AU/199 (RC)
2006 SP Authentic Sign of the Times #DU Dan Uggla/75
2006 SPx #158 Dan Uggla AU/999 (RC)
2006 Sweet Spot Update #115 Dan Uggla AU/125 (RC)
2006 Ultimate Collection Game Patches #DU Dan Uggla
2006 eTopps #5 Dan Uggla


  1. I think he has more value now that he's a Brave. If he were still a Marlin nobody would care. Except us Marlins diehards.

  2. A semi-star (and that's a stretch) that has a flukey season, stretch of good games, won't get much love long term the way a bonafide star will.
    *See Brady Anderson and his 50 home run season.

  3. I went through this in April when Andre Ethier had his 30-game hitting streak. Prices went up quite a bit. But they came back to earth, just like Uggla will.

  4. Lady, you do not talk about the streak while in progress. You may as well shout out to the pitcher in the 8th that he has a no hitter.

    If he goes 0 for 5 tonight I'm kicking your ass.