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August 2, 2011

Going to the NSCC and plans

Tuesday morning and my flight leaves in about five hours for Chicago to hit the National Sports Collectors Convention with Marie.

I still haven't packed even though I need to leave in about two hours for the airport. It's a thing with me.

My first NSCC was last year. It was five days of cards and memorabilia. By the last day, I was so bored all I did was buy hobby boxes. I learned my lesson. This year, even though I am leaving today, I'm actually only going to the show for three days.

On Wednesday, Marie and I are doing a baseball double header. We're going to Milwaukee in the morning where the Brewers just happen to be playing the St. Louis Cardinals. To be that close to one of Marie's favorite players and not go to the game would have been a sin. So, Albert Pujols, here we come.

After, we're headed back to Chicago and going to the White Sox. Amazingly enough, they're playing the Yankees. Again, how could we not go to a game with the Yankees are in town.

Marie and I have done a split stadium double header before. Two years ago, we went to the Yankees home opener in the new stadium, then went to Citi Field for a night game against the Padres. Kevin Kouzmanoff was on the Padres then, so we had to hit the game.

Thursday will be our first day at the show. We're going to spend a lot of time walking around and checking out the different booths. There are always great things to see at the National because many dealers hold on to some of their big ticket items just for the show.

If we see anything cool, we'll post it here. I'm going to be tweeting (@yanxchick) with Marie (@baseballzoch) from the floor, as well as posting as often I can. It'll almost be like you're there.

You could also check out Freedom Cardboard's live streaming. I am sure Marie and I will make an appearance.

Thursday night, there is a meet up with people from FCB. After the friends I made last year at the show, I am looking forward to hanging out with everyone again. A card show is a card show. What made the NSCC special was the people I met and the friendships I made. It's a Hallmark card, but still true.

Friday and Saturday will be more show time.

Then, Sunday, I'm headed back home.


  1. Have fun!

    Do you have a direct link to the freedom cardboard stream?

  2. Definitely a Full trip. Good luck w/ the stadium tour - don't wear yourself out so much that you can't fully enjoy the card show. I am definitely lookin fwd to the twitter updates - thorougly enjoyed them last yr.

  3. The Brewers stadium is pretty awesome. I went 2 years ago when they played the Giants. :) Great stadium.

  4. We will be glad to have you here in Milwaukee, even if you will be cheering for the wrong team. :) Make sure to try the Secret Stadium Sauce on a hot dog or bratwurst - it rocks~!

  5. I am officially jealous. Have a great time.

  6. Maybe I will see you guys there on Saturday, although it's 840,000 square feet of space so it's probably not likely.

  7. What a great double-stadium matchup! But...go Brewers. :-)

  8. Defiantly a lovely trip..Have a great time there :)...
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