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August 12, 2011

I have a problem.

A Cardboard Problem, that is.

Two days before the National I was at Target to get some travel size items and saw that they had 2011 Bowman Platinum rack packs. I also saw you get 3 purple refractors in them. I grabbed two and then kept walking for what I really went there for which was not rack packs.

While I was walking around I almost put them back 4 times because I was wondering why would I buy packs of cards when I was going to the National and could just buy packs there, or get the singles I wanted. However, we all know how this story ends.

Here is what was in the rack packs that I didn't need but bought "for the sake of the blog post". I wish I had tagged posts that contained purchases that I told myself I bought them to see what was inside for blogging purposes and general knowledge. I bet there would be at least 100 over the years. Anyway...

Here we go:

I usually don't pick good packs in terms of getting guys I like or collect but this time I hit the jackpot as far as I'm concerned. 3 purple refractors that I really like out of 6 is awesome. The Jesus Montero, Hector Noesi, and Dustin Ackley are by far amazing pulls and I am glad I didn't put the packs back.

Overall I really like this set based on a small sample size. I have a hobby box here to break so expect a more comprehensive opinion and review coming soon.

Anyone pull either green version (serial numbered and non-serial numbered) of Cano? I'm looking for those two if anyone has them. Also looking for same for Pujols, plus red version.


  1. I had the same problem - and posted about it the day The National started.

    I wish I had a Cano or Pujols of the type you'd like - but I don't. If the Verlander and Votto are somehow available for trade, please let me know. I'll do what I can to send a nice return.


  2. It's only a problem if it hurts other people.

  3. Ooo I see a purple Flores there. Is that tradeable?