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August 10, 2011

Yeah, so Topps Lineage came out

While many of the people in the card collecting universe were in Chicago, Topps Lineage hit the market. In Topps' latest baseball product, the company looks back at the 60 years of baseball cards.

From Topps' own words:

"In the spirit of Topps 60th Anniversary, Topps honors its famous past eras with new Lineage Baseball. Distinguished with a 1952 On-Card Autograph list featuring the living greats of the game, a 1975 Mini Relic card set highlighted by 90 stellar players, and topped off with a retrospective of Topps most famed, quirky, and beloved insert cards of all-time, Lineage Baseball is poised to be a runaway best seller!"

It seems the best card to come out of Lineage so far is a Mickey Mantle Canary Diamond 1/1. Although I will say that I like the Stan Musial Canary Diamond better because it's autographed.

Some other hits include
Babe Ruth bat card
Sandy Koufax autograph redemption
Nolan Ryan canary diamond auto redemption
Albert Pujols jersey box topper  /64

While many of the hits are nice, it seems this is the type of set where the inserts are the real star. Even the base cards are rather plain looking (for those asking for Topps Total back, these cards definitely remind me of that).

3-D cards (Buster Posey pictured)

Stand up cards

1975 minis

There are also Venezuelan inserts, where the backs of the base cards are written in Spanish, cloth sticker (pictured) cards and - as always this year - diamond parallels.


  1. I'm digging the 3D cards...the rest just seems OK. I don't think Topps has the runaway success they were hoping for.

  2. The stand-ups are cool...but wasn't that a Donruss thing? I still have a few from the late '80s.

    The Lineage Stand Up Yanks could look cool on my desk, I'll have to pick up a few.

  3. I like the '75 insert cards and I can't wait until my box comes in.

  4. The stand-ups are actually based on a set Topps released in 1964.

  5. On the 3D Buster Posey the back is completely blank except for the copyright that an error is that how it is supposed to be?

  6. It's supposed to be blank, I am sure. I think there is a black back parallel, but also short-print versions of the back.

    I think I am going to make another blog post about those cards too because there is some confusion on the matter.

    There are cards that have something written on the back along the lines of: this is an experimental card. If you get this please return to Topps. They look like the 3D cards, but it's a whole other insert.