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August 5, 2011

Two baseball games in two cities

On Wednesday, Marie and I decided to catch a couple of baseball games instead of scouring the floor of the National Sports Collectors Convention.

We went to Milwaukee for the Cardinals game. Marie got to see her boy Albert Pujols (But he did go 0-for-5). Then we drove back to Chicago and hit the White Sox/Yankees where our team destroyed the White Sox.

The only bad part was not winning the 50/50 in Chicago. Ugh. I definitely could have used that money at the National.

Here are pics from both games.

Here is Milwaukee, obviously:

Here is Chicago ...

And the beautiful skyline from U.S. Cellular Field


  1. Cool skyline pic!

    Just wondering, Where in the stadium was that taken from?

    I'll leave the inappropiate Over-sized meat comments to someone else...

  2. The pic was taken on the way out from one of the ramps.

  3. Nice Pics!! Okay I'm going to go ahead and say 2 beautiful women that collect!!! If you ever come to QC let me know. We have a great LCS!!

  4. OK, so I wasn't crazy when I thought I saw you on my TV at the Sox game that night. LOL

  5. really?! They showed two Brewers fans at the game?

    that's pretty funny.

  6. How would rate your experience at Miller Park?