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November 22, 2009

Sunday Question: Do you ever get cards for the holidays?

With the holidays coming up, I wonder if anyone ever gets trading cards for the holidays. The only person whoever gets me cards is Marie.

Otherwise, it's sheets.

Do you have someone who gets you cards or are you left scrounging after the holidays to get what you really wanted.


  1. Oh yes! I get baseball cards for Valentines Day, my birthday, Opening Day (the "should be" national holiday), Anniversary, Easter and Krismas- in that order.

  2. I never got cards for the holidays, but one of my favorite presents of all time was the present my father gave me for my 8th grade graduation in 1980. He ordered a card lot of 200 different 1960 Topps cards. Almost 30 years later I'm still working on the set -- I'm about 70 cards away from completing it. :)

  3. Goodness... all those holidays you get cards. That's amazing. I'm jealous.

    My mom tries, but she doesn't know what to get.

  4. It's very sporadic. Last year, I got nothing, and moaned about it. This year, I think I'll get something, because I whined last year. But it won't be anything big.

  5. I got a Jose Reyes certified autograph for Christmas last year from a friend.

    Before that, the last time I got cards for a holiday, I was marveling at how much more colorful the 1990 Donruss cards were than the previous year's set.

  6. I get money for cards for the holidays.

    I would rather buy what I know I want than to trust a family member to buy something and it be the wrong type (i.e buy a retail box of cards instead of a hobby box in cases where hobby boxes provide better value than the retail box).

    so, indirectly, i get cards for the holidays.

  7. My wife bought me a hobby box of 2006 Sweet Spot baseball for Christmas a few years ago. I was impressed that she went to the card shop all by herself and picked it out. I still remember, I got a Kerry Wood Sweet Spot Auto. That is the only time she has ever bought cards for me. Maybe I should drop some hints this year.

  8. I asked for cards every year and never got any! I was always bummed when my folks never picked up a pack for me. Of course, I still can't believe I only received one Star Wars Storm Trooper. Parents were always "but you have that guy already." They never understood.

  9. My family is very well trained to buy cards. As far as them buying singles, they know Pujols and Cano, but usually need steering.

    My brother bought me a card for my birthday, well I bought it and told him he owes me $25 bucks, lol. You'll all see it in about 2 weeks on my birthday.

    As far as picking the coolest gifts, Sooz always wins. She knows without any guidance, and if you recall the Triple Threads Pujols AU/GU she does pretty well. =)

  10. Santa always leaves a pack or two in my stocking. I like Santa.

  11. Always used to get them in my stocking when I was younger, but not so much any more. I think it's more because they're not as widely available as they used to be.

  12. Pretty much nobody buys me cards these days, as a grown, increasingly aging man. (Not whining, just stating a fact.)

    However, the lone exception is for Christmas. Cards make me easy to shop for when it comes to stuffing my stocking. I usually get a smattering of baseball and football retail packs in my decorative sock.

    However, when I was a kid, I naturally got them around every significant holiday or celebration. I have a little similar situation to MattR.

    My 1983 Christmas was one of the best, since my Dad had tracked down an old feller who had an attic box filled with 1954 Topps and Bowman baseball. The ol' guy cherry picked a few to keep, and my Dad gave him a fair price. I got piles of HOFers, and a bunch of great cards to look at.

    My dad went back the next Christmas, and bought the last 5 or so for the same price again, including a '54 Bowman Mantle and a '54 Topps Jackie Robinson.

    I still have at least one of every card that I got over those two Christmases. When the tweaker aspects of this hobby annoy, I can retreat to gazing on the "Father's Find" for a few minutes to feel better.

  13. I don't ask for cards from anyone besides fellow collector friends. My family hardly knows where the card shop even is...
    I did get one once for my birthday. I got Jim Palmer's 1966 rookie back in the early 80's from my parents.