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November 24, 2009


I know for many of you out there tomorrow may be the last day of your work week, and well HOORAY! This is the beginning of the best time of year, starting with Thanksgiving, and Black Friday sales both at the card wholesalers and the stores. While it is tempting to stay home and buy baseball cards Friday, no one but Sooz wants any so I need to be disciplined and buy presents. Though if there is a Foot Locker coupon for Friday, it's on because I'd love a new pair of gym sneakers. If there is one thing I get my money's worth out of it's gym shoes and workout gloves.

And soon enough..... it's my birthday!!! Hooray for fun. Not really, I have class that day and a presentation. But someone named Sooz might make me brownies!!!!

Anyway, as you can see by scrolling along our posts for the entire year during baseball season things are slow going around here and pick up in the winter. I have been busy all week studying for a test, and I am so glad that it is finally over and I can maybe enjoy doing something with myself like logging in piles of cards, or watching my soap opera.

If anyone is looking for a laptop or any electronics, there are some great deals to be found. Best Buy has an HP laptop for $197 bucks on Friday morning. Here is a link to some of the Black Friday ads if you (or the wife/girlfriend) want a sneak peek.

I may watch A Christmas Story, or Elf tonight. Ohhh.... maybe even National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!

What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving? Anything exciting?


  1. Hello, stream of consciousness.

    And, I said maybe on the brownies.

  2. way to be Debbie Downer. =(

    and I just felt like hollering at our loyal readers to say what's been going on, and what's up. It was classified as "random".

    I'm the worst. You're the best.

  3. This is my favorite black friday site:

  4. Thanksgiving is in October.

    and the 'merican thanksgiving means one thing.


    all. day. long.

  5. sooz, make the brownies - just don't make them too potent! ;)

    Black Friday - overrated. If I can't get the deal online, it's not worth the gas/time to try for the only 2 items on sale for a spectacular price.

    Black Friday would be best if they put an item on a good sale (not a ridiculous sale) and offered it on a good amount of inventory.

  6. All I'm gonna do is eat too much, watch some football, and maybe pwn the fam at Wii bowling, while dreaming of being somewhere else. I can never get out for Black Friday anymore though, so I'm gonna see what Blowout Cards is doing. Hopefully I sneak away with an awesome deal, since everybody is too broke for Christmas and I'm close too old to get the fun frivolous stuff anyway.

  7. I'm not affiliated with Blowout, however they've announced a few prices for Friday:

    2003 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres Hobby Boxes $29.95

    2008 Bowman Chrome Hobby Box $26.95

    2008 Upper Deck Documentary Hobby 12bx case $11.27

    2008 Topps Series 1 HTA Box $11.27

    As bad as Documentary was last year, I'd spend $12 on a case.

  8. wow. A case for $12. Same as you, even if it wasn't the best product, I'd break a case for that much.