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May 23, 2011

2011 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Case Break

I wanted to let you guys know that the date for the break is creeping closer and we still have some teams available. I need to fill this break immediately because payment is due one week prior to the release. Please leave a comment on the team you would like followed by PayPal payment as a gift to our e-mail. ($24)

Here are the teams available:



  1. Just sent payment for the Twins.

  2. Hey Guys,

    I have sent my payment in for the Reds and Nationals back March 18th if this is the same Jumbo case break. Not the facebook one. If the Facebook one is dead in the water, I don't mind picking up another team for this break. I will send an email so we can sort things out.


  3. Roger that Phillip, I just filed it into the wrong break for some reason. All set.

  4. Hey there. I wanted to check-in. I had previously sent payment for a Series 2 case break for the Dodgers on March 18th, as well. Please confirm that you received this. Thanks.

  5. If this is for the blog break, I paid for the Padres back in March.

  6. There is a reason why I shouldn't blog at 3am. Clearly the reason is because I am not in my right mind. Sorry for all the confusion, everything is in a file that is clearly marked with all payments. I just don't think to read these things, and went off the list on the side of the blog like a dumb ass.

  7. Okay, I tried to be the nice guy... So much for that! I'll take the Indians for $24! :-)