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October 7, 2009

I love this time of year

Well, it is my favorite time of year and I am super excited to be heading to game 1 of the 2009 ALDS in a little while. I have tickets for all Yankees home games and I am hoping they play almost every one of them. It's about 65 degrees here and super windy which is much better than the last time the Yankees were in the playoffs in 2007 when we were all outside in shorts and tank tops playing football on the parking deck. Playoffs should be cold, I should be wearing Under Armor and a wool hat.

I will be tweeting the occasional pictures when my phone has service, and I will take my camera with me because I was told I had to by a certain someone who will remain nameless (Flash). I hate bringing a camera with me but it's too much work to upload pictures from my phone and I am lazy. Sooz will be tweeting this afternoon from the Phillies game so entertain her if you are on twitter.

I will be in my seats in the bleachers tonight, and for Friday's game I got a nice seating upgrade to behind homeplate on the field level. Sooz and I will be going to Friday's game with my brother and a friend of his. So if we appear to be MIA, well Sooz is covering the Phillies this week and I will be at the Yankees games and pretending to study for a test I have tomorrow....

I actually tried to find pictures from previous playoff games to post in here but I think they are all on actual film, and on my old laptop. Perhaps if I plugged in my external hard drive they are on there...

In case you were wondering, I'm going with Phillies, Yankees, Dodgers, and Sox/Angels I don't care.


  1. Just talked to Marie a little bit ago and guess what she forgot to take with her today?....her camera

  2. Even better time when you're winning! Let's double the lead and end this thing in 3.