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October 15, 2009

ALCS Yankees v. Angels

Friday is the start of the ALCS for the Yankees and Angels, and the next four days of weather in New York are supposed to feel like December- around 40 degrees rain and possibility of (!)snow(!). Yikes. I have more under armor than I am willing to admit from socks to a headsock in case of extreme cold. I have no problem looking like an abominable bum in Yankee apparel if it means warmth and baseball.

The arctic weather is sure to play a factor in these games from the possibility of delayed start times, ice cold players and more importantly pitchers, as well as the game scores. In case you didn't know the ball likes to fly out of Yankee Stadium and I am sure the weather will wreck havoc on the ball either going out or keeping the ball in the park.

I'm not one of those Yankees fans that think this is a lock to win, and as a matter of fact I think this is going to be a great series and has the possibility of going 7 games. The Angels are a tough team, and are always a tough team for the Yankees to beat in the post season. I am hopeful with the Yankees line-up being able to score enough runs to beat the Angels, but it may come down to pitching and if any of these games are called for weather the Yankees may need a fourth starter. That fourth starter could be Chad Gaudin (yikes) or Joba Chamberlain (yikes). This will definitely be interesting to see this unfold, that is if my eyes don't freeze shut in the next few days.

As far as picking up new cards, I dabbled with a few packs here and there of Ticket to Stardom out of boredom and nothing else being available. Nothing exciting really. I do have a card from eBay that I plan to blog about a little bit later on.

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