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January 5, 2014

Nominate your favorite blog for Best Blog of the Year

The blogging community really helped me enjoy collecting more when A Cardboard Problem first started. It was great meeting new collectors and trading with them.

It was also fantastic knowing that my collecting habit didn't make me weird. Honestly, it took some time for me to admit being a card collector for many years. The weird looks some people gave -- especially being a woman -- made me keep my hobby a secret except to my close friends and family.

Blogging, and those collectors I met through it, made me realize that this was OK because it was MY hobby. It was what I wanted to do and there were so many people out there I could share it with who liked the same things I did.

On that note, I want you to head over to Jaybarkerfans's Junk. He's holding a yearly blogging contest for you to vote for the best blog on the web. Go nominate a blog who you enjoy following. Even if they don't win, the bloggers will still know that you enjoy reading.