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July 12, 2011

Want to crack the Ginter code?

Seems as though this year, there 2011 Allen and Ginter code cards are parallels. Thus making it more difficult for people to track down all the cards needed to crack the code.

This is far better than last year's debacle when collectors had to send an email to get a coded message. For the few that actually did this, it was pure accident. That shouldn't be the way to solve the code.

This auction is trying to get all of your hard-earned money to crack the code.

It's parallel of one of the cards in the penultimate set with a coded message on the back.

But as the seller says, don't message him for a scan of the back. Only the winner will see it.

How much do you really think someone is going to pay for that card? Is it really worth that much money?

Anyway, Ginter is out. Check out more on the product from the last post.


  1. Have we established that this is a "parallel" of the Penultimate insert? Or is it just the base Penultimate insert, and the seller has no idea what the F this card actually is?

  2. Hey it's that guy...

  3. I have no idea.

    I like going with the idea that this guy doesn't know what he is talking about.

  4. Honestly, I got that card, decoded it, and the card had absolutely nothing about the code. It was just the guts bio. I wasted 4 days of my life for nothing