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December 5, 2009

Hitting the Philly card show

(Editor's note: All the pics are taken from my camera phone since I am at my parent's home and hate scanning cards anyway.)

The only big card show I ever attended was in White Plains. I've hit some mall shows before and find better deals at those. However, that doesn't mean I don't like the big shows. It has its benefits such as having a huge selection and finding more high-end cards.

I only bought five cards at the Philly card show and one them was for Marie. I also got two hobby boxes that I suckered my mom into getting me for Christmas, so this year I will be getting presents under the tree from someone other than Marie.

The first place I ended up searching was in a monster box of low-end game-used and autographs. This is where I looked for Kouzmanoff because on the east coast, no one other than me collects him. However, every Kouz card I found I already had and got for cheaper on eBay. They were asking at least $5 for autos.

I ended up with these three cards. The Adam Lind is for Marie.

2003 Playoff Prestige Connections Materials Derek Jeter/Alfonso Soriano GU base card /400
2009 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection #116 Jorge Posada/Michael Young GU jersey /400
2009 SP Authentic Signatures Adam Lind SP

I picked up two other Jeter GU cards for solid prices.

2003 UD Reserve base combo Ken Griffey Jr./Derek Jeter (This is the one my sister is giving to me for Christmas)
2008 Ballpark Collections quad swatch memorabilia Derek Jeter/Jason Giambi/Melvin Mora/Brian Roberts

After I finished scanning the single cards, I went to the hobby boxes. Topps 206 hasn't had a good receiving by the blogosphere, but I like these cards. I already own all of the Kouzmanoff cards from the set, except for the Carolina Brights 1/1 (and likely won't own). I have a Jeter base and a Francisco Cervelli base and mini Piedmont.

But I still wanted to open a hobby box.

For those that follow Card Bandits on Twitter knew I was going to the card show in a low-cut top hoping to score some kind of discount. And, here, it worked for a couple of bucks.

I saw a wax seller that I normally buy from in White Plains and mentioned to him that I normally see him in White Plains with my other female friend. However, we normally wear Yankee gear.

He said, well why aren't you wearing it today, not that I mind the way you are dressed now.
Me: Well, honestly, I was hoping to get a deal with this shirt.
Him: And, it's a shirt I like. How's this? $72 for 206.
Me: Sold.

Again, it's only a couple of bucks off, but I'll take it.

I also bought a tin of 2007 Sweet Spot.

I enjoyed the card show. Hopefully, next time I can come away with a bigger haul.



  1. Imagine what that dealer sees all day. I'm surprised you only could get a $3 discount.

  2. LMFAO. That is so bad ... yet hilaious.

  3. I picked up about 10 cards and the flu there. Other than that it wasn't a bad show.